Dashed TravelPod® (5-in-1 Travel Charger)

5-in-1 Powerbank Charger

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A Travel Charger that works Absolutely Everywhere.

(We mean Everywhere).

Say Goodbye to Low Battery Anxiety and Hello to the Ultimate Travel Solution for all your charging needs - this is the Dashed TravelPod®. A travel charger power bank that charges everything, in every country, with just one device.

  • Lightweight - Perfect for Travel
  • Wireless Charging - For Easy Charging
  • Foldable AC Plug - Recharge Anywhere
  • Worldwide Adapters Included - Charge Anywhere
  • Built in Charging Cables - Lightning & USB-C

It's the perfect travel companion which makes sure you never run out of battery again, no matter where you are.

It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack in your luggage or carry in your backpack.

It's perfect for long flights, camping trips, or just everyday use. And the best part? It works with every device, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.

Which devices does it charge?

The Dashed TravelPod is made to charge all your devices, everywhere you go.

  • Apple, Samsung & Android Devices
  • iPads & Tablets
  • Watches
  • AirPods & Headphones
  • Speakers
  • and more...
Where does it work?

We've engineered the TravelPod to work worldwide, in over 150+ countries.

Whether you're visiting Wim Hof in the Netherlands, or one of the Seven Wonders, the Dashed TravelPod® will keep you connected.

Works in

  • All of Asia
  • All of Oceania / Pacific
  • All of Europe
  • All of North & South America
  • Africa
  • and more...
What's included?

We know how confusing international adapters can be (which one works for this country, and that country).

This is why we've included all the adapters that you'll need, to charge in over 150+ countries.


  • 1x Dashed® TravelPod Power bank
  • 4x Worldwide Adapters
Is it TSA/CATSA approved?

The Dashed Travelpod (power bank travel charger) is 100% approved by TSA and CATSA.

Meaning it is absolutely safe to bring on a plane and travel around the world with.

Who's it for?

Made for everyone, our Dashed Travelpod is currently used by business travelers, retirees, gap-year explorers and even active duty members overseas.

Simple, lightweight and efficient.

Check if it'll work in your destination

Never Buy an Adapter Again

We include worldwide adapters for free, meaning you will stay charged, worldwide.

The Travelpod works in over 150 countries, meaning if you're transiting in Singapore or backpacking in Europe, you will stay charged and connected.

Travel worry-free.


Wireless Charging & Built in Cables

iPads, Phones, Watches, Headphones, Tablets and more... we charge it all.

Built in USB-C and Lightning (plus Wireless) means charging without any extra cords required.

Extra flexibility comes with the option to plug in your USB or USB-C charging cord, giving you complete usability. 

2.5x Fast Charge Speed

When you're lost overseas and your phones dying... there's no time to wait around.

That's where our Dashed TravelPod® shines. Built-in PD-20 Fast Charge means you'll be recharged and up and running again in no time.

Travel confidently with the Travelpod.

Powerful Charge When You Need It

With a whopping 10,000mAh of power, this charger has the juice to keep your devices charged and ready to go.

The days of juggling multiple chargers or worrying about not having enough power are over.


Recharge Easily

4 Worldwide adapters means you can recharge your Travelpod by simply plugging it into any power socket, worldwide.

It's that easy.

Phone & Tablet Stand Included

We’ve engineered a sleek retractable phone stand to unlock unlimited docking and viewing possibilities.

Everything you need to stay charged, and nothing you don't.

Have questions? We've got answers.


How long does shipping take?

We ship FREE, direct from our warehouse in Utah.

Typical Delivery is 1-4 days, USA Wide.

All orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our distribution centers in Utah, USA and Montreal, Canada.

What are the Specifications?

Our TravelPods are built to the highest quality and we truly believe you'll love them. Check out some of it's features below:

  • 10,000 mAh of Power
  • USB-C and USB-A Ports
  • Lightning and USB-C Charging Cables
  • Built in US Charging Adaptor.
  • Adapters for Every Country.
  • Wireless Charging Capabilities
  • PD20W Fast Charging
  • TSA Approved
What is the size and weight?

Ultra compact and ultra lightweight.

Size: 8.61 x 8.61 x 3.4 cm;
Weight: 699 Grams

What's Included with the TravelPod?

We know how confusing it can be to figure out which adaptor you need for each country which is why we have included all that you need to stay connected.


  • Dashed® TravelPod
  • EU, AU/NZ, Asian, US & UK Charging Adaptors
Does it really work everywhere?

Whether you are going to visit Wim Hof in the Netherlands, or view one of the Seven Wonders of the World the Dashed TravelPod® will keep you connected.

This is why we've included all the adapters that you'll need, to charge in over 150+ countries.

With US, Asian, EU, AU/NZ & UK adaptors included, you truly have the world at your fingertips.

Do you offer returns if I don't like it?

Online shopping can be tricky, so we offer a mammoth 50-day returns on all Dashed® items.

As long as everything is in working order and in the same condition as when you received it, we can happily provide an exchange/refund.

If this isn't the case, reach out to our customer care team who will be more than happy to help.

Is it compatible with my device?

Most Definitely.

Our charger has options for:

  • Built in Lightning Cord (iPhones)
  • Built in USB-C Cord
  • USB Port (to input cords)
  • USB-C Port - Fast Charge (for input)
  • Wireless Charging Pad (for wireless items).
Will my phone be compatible with wireless charging?

Made to work with wireless charging, your AirPods, Magsafe iPhone, Android Device all charge simply by placing your device on top of the TravelPod.

Can I use this in other countries?

The Dashed® TravelPod includes travel adaptors to make your adventure as easy as possible.

The Dashed® TravelPod can be used in the following countries with the provided adaptors:

Below is a small list of the 150+ countries our device works in.

  • AU Plug: Australia, New Zealand and more.
  • US Plug (Built in): USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Philipines, Thailand, Taiwan and more.
  • UK Plug: United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Qatar and more.
  • EU Plug: Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, South Korea & Russia and more.

Travelling somewhere else? No worries, our Travelpod is made to work in 150+ countries. In the very rare event where it wasn't to work, an adapter can be used to create functionality.

How many charges can I get out of a TravelPod?

The Dashed® TravelPod has a capacity of 10,00mAh, which allows it to charge most new smartphones up to 2.0 times (+/- 0.5 Charges) on a full battery.

Simply plug in to recharge and you'll be good to go again.

Does it have Fast Charge?

Most Definitely! Our USB-C Port is Fast-Charge capable, charging your device in 2.5x the normal speed. Perfect for on the go.

Does it charge laptops?

The Travelpod can provide some charging relief for some laptops, but in most cases will retain the current charge level.

Please note, due to the heavy power consumption required for a laptop, the Travelpod's internal battery will drain quicker than when charging an alternate device like a phone.

To counteract this, and provide some charge power, we recommend utilising Pass Through charging (where the Travelpod is plugged into a wall, and then into your laptop).



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