Quick Start Videos

First time using your Dashed TravelPod? Check out our helpful videos below to get started.

Powering On

Press the power button once until the indicator light turns on, signaling the device is ready for use. Press the power button twice to turn it off.

Connecting Adapters

Fold the TravelPod prongs out and line them up with the slots on the adapter. Slide the adapter on until you hear a click and it locks in place.

Inbuilt Cables

Flick out the charging cable you wish to use, plug it into your device and then turn the TravelPod on to initiate charging.

USA & Canada Plug

The USA/Canada plug is built into the TravelPod itself. Simply flick it out to recharge. Remember to close it when finished to avoid damage.

Charging Issues

To initiate a charge, first make sure the TravelPod is turned on. You'll know your device is charging when the charging light/screen pops up on your device.

Get More Help

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